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PURE EFFECT - Clothing & Shoe Mist

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With Clothing & Shoe mist you can gently freshen up all textiles without washing. Based on effective biotechnology, active bacterial culture, which prevents and removes odours. Prolongs time between washes and a smart alternative to dry cleaning. Ready mixed for direct use on textiles - clothing, jeans, knitwear, outerwear, shoes, jackets, scarves, bags, vintage etc. Just spray on the surface, allow to dry and repeat as needed. Less washing, less footprint. Anti-static effect, pH neutral and dye free.

Choose from fragrances:
01 Daybreak
02 Nordic Oak
03 Green Leaves & Cucumber
04 White Clover


Clothing & Shoe Mist is ready-mixed for direct use on textiles - outerwear, scarves, sweaters, jackets, bags, etc. Spray directly onto the surface/garment to be treated, preferably while it is being aired, and leave on. Repeat as necessary. For best results, pre-treat garments immediately when they are new.


  • Delicate materials, such as silk and leather, can be stained by water. Therefore, try it on a small area first.
  • Spray directly on the source of the odor for best results, not straight into the air like a perfume.

Ingredients: <3% non-ionic surfactant, preservatives (methylisothiazolinone, benzisothiazolinone, n-octylisothiazolinone), perfume. Also contains active bacterial culture and water.

Shelf life: opened mist has a shelf life of at least 6 months.

Environmental information: The product is readily biodegradable according to OECD 301. The packaging is made of recyclable plastic and is disposed of as hard plastic packaging

Pure Effect is a new generation of garment care and cleaning products based on an active bacterial culture to remove dirt and odor. Always sustainable and effective products with care for you, your loved ones and our planet.